Since ancient times the hero gives a boy ” legend is lasting ” gut NPC teenage check

As 1 area ray, thunderbolt, intense blaze, flurry, sichuan hill the door opens the 5 rock that take gradually, more and more players enter Ma law mainland to experience the brigade of wonderful legend eternity. Here, besides v/LIT extremely cruel and despotic an eccentric person and everybody surround the Boss that block up, varied gut NPC also is a distinctive scenery. Since ancient times the hero gives a boy, broken horse spear decides heaven and earth, follow below small make up go seeing NPC of legend eternity gut (teenage) check.

A 9 it is the orphan that a from a child is adopted by old village head. Disposition is lively, from small get a gun with respect to knife love dance, be obsessed with most to the hearsay of divine arms edge tool, like always also to boast to alien oneself are later generations of the cereal that seal demon, among them true true and false is false nevertheless with respect to nobody can test and verify.

Appear first: Gut task ” come to (2) ” , player of fair clew of the storehouse austral mayor of attrib border village looks for her to understand enginery knowledge, and but from A 9 place obtain weapon of a novice.

Runner is plain the 18 2 sons that are boss of inn of plain a letter from home, compared with the learned eldest brother in the home for, he appears some Confucianism weak. Be sent toward by father when manhood than strange castellan beside, hope he exercises its courage in war flames of war.

Appear first: Gut task ” come to (7) ” , plain the 18 runner that are village of more roundtrip than surprising border, carry dragon to defend loot of cat of rake of the experience in hangover road, he can be the clew of cat of rake of your clew cateran, aid you to recapture the master’s hangover.

Of old village head raise granddaughter, master from Ling of old a title of respect for a Buddhist or Taoist priest elegant. The father and mother that says her as it is said dies in big fight, he is accordingly special abhor half animal person. Pretty the Ling month of disposition tenderness, be the teenagers in the village is dark love an object, but regrettablly is everybody professions to her without courage intention.

Appear first: Gut task ” come to (14) ” , regard attrib border village as the granddaughter of mayor, hold concurrently save the benefactor that answers you from battlefield, she cares your safety very, understand you to think the state of mind that revenges for division likewise, she tells you the messenger than strange castellan brought the news of fertile Ma hierarch probably.

Alliance weighs the young son of castellan, because unvalued, so from a child is sent toward the attendants that makes day of little castellan dragon than surprising. Below more veteran than surprising channel, his diligence goes all out in work, defend finally in lion in win position.

Appear first: Gut task ” avenge (8) ” , after Ling month is walked along by capture of half animal person, the finds Ling month whereabouts with the supportive faster ability that relies on the junior high-ranking military officer with extraordinary actual strength to cheat fierce.

Once one of the earliest ray guild members, follow all the time old of guild chairman shrimp takes a risk everywhere. Seize next Shabake’s guild as the first, shrimp rice is accredited sanded Ba Kecheng comes round to accept the letter of challenge that comes from other guild. In guild warm blood struggles each in those days Shabake’s day, the fame of shrimp rice also spread fast. Quit all corners of the country as shrimp old, shrimp rice also left Shabake, begin career of ordinary cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine.

Appear first: Gut task ” Wo Ma hierarch (3) ” , although be the small dried of Sha Bake be on duty at the door or gate in those days,had blossommed by a child child strong-bodied nowadays about, but he still is in those days that small dried that wants to become British hero, encounter accidentally the whereabouts that he decides to help you seek Ling month.

Lion armed escort grows Gu He’s son, warm blood and actuation. Oneself father is killed by cadaver king place, spelled a life to want to look for cadaver king to avenge when anything crops up. Can discover finally however, the cadaver king that is killed by oneself so is father.

Appear first: Gut task ” mine hole crisis (8) ” , even if is riskful the stubborn teenager that also does not wish to leave mine hole, he thinks his father is living still persistently, be determined to be searched into the hole, you how does visibility absolutely refuse to to save?

Alliance weighs castellan to cheat Jun Yi’s daughter, wind of outside drive elder sister model, disposition is bright and clear. Love dance knife to get a gun as a child, after be brought up, skill in wushu also is very Oh. Be in army in from inapproachable hand, but she is fond of however enlist, aux would rather everywhere itinerary adventure. Because special to the weapon be obsessed with, so she loves the exploration in the stone grave in base of earthy city land most, the divine arms that wants to hide rainbow demon hierarch amid completely glom on to.

Appear first: Gut task ” decisive battle (7) ” , tiger father does not have canine daughter, as alliance heavy castellan cheats Jun Yi’s daughter, cheat grave of stone of small tea freely, and humanness is generous. To repay the loving-kindness of shrimp old, she nots hesitate to make alone danger, dan Hong demon teachs numerous stare at already went up she, set cave in trap its besiege, after rescueing her, she will carry the message that teachs world for heading for rainbow demon to you.

” legend is lasting ” it is grand game is used visional the 3D of own research and development locks up 3 engine perspective MMORPG is large end swims. It continued of legend series play law and strong PK character, inheritance the professional system that war doctrine, withheld the former juice raw ingredient of classic version, it is the 3D legend that north fights atelier to be dedicated to making.

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